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The endeavour of AppZaloot is to change the ethos of social media. One of our core principles is to give back, not just to the community but to our users as well.  There are many new features and functions in production that will be added in the coming months.  One of those key features is our loyalty points programme.

Just by shopping with our partner merchants’ you will receive instant point rewards.  Think cafe’s, restaurants, bars, furniture, travel, hotels, electrical…the list goes on. Although the earning percentages will vary by merchant, each transaction reward will go straight into your AppZaloot account for your use.

AppZaloot will introduce as a part of our loyalty program a way for you to earn just by being an active user of the App.  That’s right you will earn points by interacting with your own friends, the local community, and any celebrities or influencers you follow. You will be able to spend these points on a range of things like flights and goods.  However, you will be able to convert them into our BEP20 Token called Zaloots (ZLOOT). The big news is you will be able to do that at a 10% discount on the daily exchange rate. Helping you grow your tokens and create wealth.  The more our tokens go up the more value you will have.

loyalty rewards with appzaloot

Earn for Referrals

Be rewarded foreveryreferral you make

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The success of AppZaloot and our ability to give back in a meaningful way is based on the user community. To build our user base we incentivise you to refer AppZaloot to family and friends.  Help spread the word and upon the release of our loyalty program, you will receive a small % of every dollar spent by your friends, straight into your AppZaloot account. In addition, AppZaloot will match that amount and give those funds to local projects and charities.  It’s a win-win all around.

Think about how many connections you have on traditional social media.  Let’s say you invite them all to join with your special AppZaloot referral code and 100 of your connections do just that. When the loyalty program is operational, you will start earning a small percentage of all purchases with our merchant partners, anywhere in the world. And don’t forget, the friends you have introduced will also earn point rewards themselves.  

It doesn’t stop there. Our referral reward is a two-tier system. This means you will earn your reward from the initial friend you invited and on top of that, you will earn a smaller reward from all of the connections that initial friend invites.

So if you have a lot of friends or followers, there is a great opportunity to earn great rewards as we build the AppZaloot community.

You will continue to earn the additional rewards while you remain an active AppZaloot user for the next 2 years. This is our way of creating a community of people all over the world who can benefit from the many features of the App, with the success shared by the global community and those in need.

Celebrity – Influencer – Club - Charity

AppZaloot provides a significant ongoing revenue earning opportunity simply by referring a follower or member. 

Share and earn

The more you share, the more you can earn.

No limits

There are no limits to the number of referrals you make.

Share to succeed

Our success is your success.

Rewarding you

Earn the % of referral income from any follower, member or friend who joins AppZaloot using your referral code.

Monthly income

Earn passive referral revenue from every single follower, every month.


Receive referral income.

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Be first to refer your friends

It’s as easy as this. 

Open your settings by clicking on the AppZaloot icon on the top left corner.  Click on “invite friend” and send to your whole address book or selected friends only, via the various methods offered from your phone.  It is so easy to do and not only will you be helping us build our local community and supporting local business and projects, you will also reward yourself.

Become a small business Ambassador

Getpaidfor signing up businesses

If you know people who run businesses in your area, invite them to become a merchant with AppZaloot and be rewarded.

You can introduce them to the great benefits of advertising with us and earn money for yourself in the meantime.  Not only will they be able to promote special offers/new products etc to the people in their very community in real-time, but we will also be giving back a portion of the advertising fee to local community projects.  So everyone benefits!

It’s as simple as introducing them to download AppZaloot via your own invite friend link and then we will log you as the introducer.  We will pay you a % of the money they spend on advertising with us once the (Covid-19) free advertising ends.

This is an ongoing revenue stream for you (as long as you’re still active) just by helping us spread the word.

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