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When registering ensure you enter you mobile number and then click verify next to it.
This will send you an SMS to input the OTP code.

Referral code

Every User generates a referral code. In future versions of the app, there will be a rich referral rewards program. 
So ensure you give your referral codes out to your family and friends when they register.
Once the app has been released publicly, you will be able to share the app with friends via links with your referral code built in, however, during the Beta stage this automatic sharing is not setup properly so please ensure you do it manually.

Home Page

This is the main (home) screen.
Use the search area to find anything near you (cafes, shops, points of interest). 
In future versions you will be able to find your friends (if they make themselves visible) on the map. This is great for real time catchups on the go.

Filters: See below for more information on the filters.

Bottom menu

This menu allows you to go to three different main feeds – Local, Friends and Global (coming soon). It also allows you to go to your profile and view local offers around you (coming soon).

Home page
Home page



Choose which filters you want to see on your map. The more you choose the more icons you will see.

Distance from you

This adjusts how far away from you the map filters will show. If you only want to find something within a km of you, adjust this to 1km.



This is your main profile screen.
Add you bio, favorite photos, find events and places and save them as your favorite spots.
Leave reviews for places you’ve been to help your network experience the good things you think are worth visiting


Local feed

This is the community around you. This changes every time you change locations. It is great to talk to those living around you to find out pertinent information going on in your neighborhood. 

Local Feed-Screen
Local Feed-Screen
Friends Feed screen
Friends Feed screen

Friends Feed

This feed is for viewing all the updates from your friends without all the annoying stuff (no ads or suggested posts).

Emergency Alerts

This is a very unique feature of AppZaloot.

Agency’s (once vetted) will be able to send out emergency alerts to the community based on Geo location.
So, if you are within a designated emergency broadcast area, you will get a notification and will be able to respond for help if needed.

If you are not in the designated area, you will not get an alert, however, if the broadcast is still active and you travel into that designated area, you will get a notification.
It can be used for a variety of reasons such as: Weather (Storms, winds, hail, fire, floods etc), lost children, police actions (car crash, robbery, wanted person, etc), health alerts (Covid 19 alert), general government emergency announcements etc.

Emergency screen ph view
Emergency screen ph view

Other features

Global Feed  This is a celebrity/announcement feed designed so you can follow your favorite teams, clubs or celebs.

Global profiles – Register a public profile for yourself, your pets or an influencer you manage.

Merchant registration – Own a local business? Register here to become an AppZaloot merchant be become visible on the Home map, make offers to locals in your area and get ready for more business features and rewards coming soon.

Local offers  This is the local advertising feed for the area around you. Find specials or great deals around you from local stores or shops.

Friends Chat – Private and Group

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