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Token Sale - Zaloot


Our BEP20 token ZLOOT

Welcome to AppZaloot and our BEP20 utility token called Zaloots. We are extremely excited to announce that our first Global ambassador Ms PuiYi is set to launch our upgraded app on the 21st of October. Ms PuiYi is a well-known celebrity influencer with 19.5 million followers all around the world. We are also pleased to share that she is also the Ambassador for our Zaloots token and will be posting weekly on her existing social media platforms as well as our own global feed where she will post some unique content.

Ms PuiYi is the first and will lead the way for other influencers to follow. We have been working hard behind the scenes to get ready for this occasion and there will be so many new features added over the next few months. Make sure you download the app and follow her on the “Global feed”

Let us have a look at what separates Zaloots from many other projects.

It is a fact that our App is already functional with active users and is attracting mainstream media.  We are not going to build something, we already have!  We are just going to make it bigger and better!

On this website you can find out about what our App currently does and watch our videos.  You can also see some of the media we have generated.

Below is a snapshot of what is coming as we roll our App out across Central and SE Asia as well as Europe in the coming months.

The worlds of social media and delivery services have not merged in the past. Both realms are fraught with issues that have been ignored by the leaders in those ecosystems. It is not news that the social media terrain is plagued with companies that are interested in making insane profits without caring about their users, and the same can be said for the delivery industry. Traditional social media is geared towards gathering information concerning the users and selling it off to third parties. Social media users are forced to see invasive ads, which disrupts the experience and can be annoying. Many e-Commerce and Delivery services do not offer rewards to their clients for patronizing them. All these and more need to be altered. This is where Appzaloot comes into its own.

Appzaloot is a new platform that is set to disrupt social media and delivery share apps, while injecting some benefits of blockchain technology. With the aim to provide a more user-friendly and focused app without imposing advertising on the users.  Appzaloot will change the social behaviours of its users. Appzaloot separates and presents essential information to users, thereby allowing easy flow of information in a social environment.

Primary features that set Appzaloot apart from its competition includes:

Digital payment and wallet integration

Local delivery system integration

User rewards program and referral system.

More information and how to earn convertible rewards go to the “Be Rewarded Section” on this website.

Dedicated, separate feeds for different social interactions (friends, local networks and influencer following under the Global feed)

A dedicated, location based local advertising feed.

User driven data social responsibility Community program initiatives

A location-based emergency alert system to keep you and your family safe.

Detailed information is available in our Whitepaper and our token sales agreement available here.

Special announcement.

We have opened a short pre sale for the followers of Ms PuiYi at a discount of 30% to the listing price. The sale will run for 14 days, and you can be some of the first in the world to be involved with our Zaloots token. The sale is open now until the 8th of November @ a price of 7 cents USD. The token will be listed immediately following this sale at 10 cents USD.

We have an exciting journey ahead, with a major launch of our App starting in SE and Central Asia, followed by Europe and the rest of the world.

Remember Appzaloot is a way to earn rewards (convertible to our ZLOOT token at a discount) just by using our App and supporting our partners. You can find out more on the be rewarded section of this website.

If you would like to participate in this special limited pre-sale, then please email and state your full name, the amount you would like to purchase (minimum $100 USD).

Also state what currency, we accept USD, Euro, GBP, AUD and Singapore dollars.

If you would like to pay in Crypto, we accept USDT, Bitcoin and Ether.

You will be sent an email with a KYC link and the instructions for paying and receiving your tokens.  If you are interested in amounts over $1000 or are a company or organisation who would like to work with us, please put in the subject line “upgrade information”

Welcome to this exciting journey and thanks for your interest.

The AppZaloot team.