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About us

Get to know more about us, our values and our vision.

Our Mission

To connect and empower local communities on a global scale. We aim to raise the bar on corporate social responsibility, leading by example and giving back to communities through the use of our platform.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in social networking by empowering people to enhance their local communities through our platform, enabling positive change towards the common good of humanity and our environment.

Our Pledges

  • We pledge to maintain fair and equitable practices for all stakeholders.
  • We will pay all relevant taxes and abide by the local laws in all jurisdictions we operate in.
  • We will always consider the impact of our corporate decisions and put people before profits.
  • We don’t allow advertising in any personal feeds.
  • We pledge to uphold and promote high ethical standards. Inclusion. Diversity. Equality.
  • We will practice and promote the highest environmental standards for our planet.
  • We will always share a portion of our profit towards projects in the communities we are active in.
  • We pledge to promote compassion, not greed, to benefit the many, not the few.
  • We strive to put the human back in humanity and unity back in community.
  • We pledge not to sell your data to third parties? AppZaloot-ly

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