In the know wherever you go

A new social media platform redefining community interactions in your area.

Why AppZaloot?

AppZaloot is a new social media app, presenting a whole new way to connect with friends, businesses, places and the wider community.  Using geo-location based technology, AppZaloot allows you to stay informed on what’s happening locally and globally, keeping you In the know, wherever you go.

Local communities

Connect with the people/places around you in your local area.
Share news, recommendations and find real-time information relevant to you.
Connect with communities as you travel the world.

Friends Feed with no Advertising!

Private friends feed - build your own friends group and see posts from all your friends  - with no advertising - ever!

Emergency alerts

Whether at home or exploring the world. AppZaloot's emergency system alerts you to emergency situations within a relevant radius to your current location.

Stay informed on local issues everywhere you go.

Find events & places

No more endless searching for things to do, places to visit or food to eat.

Find everything you need, directly around you, no matter where you are in the world.

Messaging & Group chat

Message friends.
Start or join private/group chats.

Rewards & Cash back

Be rewarded for shopping locally, wherever you are. Take advantage of special discounted deals and receive cashback from our loyalty partners.
Earn referral rewards every time your referral makes a purchase using AppZaloot.
(coming Soon)

3 dedicated social feeds

Keepingyourlife in order

Finally a solution to your social media needs. No more clogged feeds full of advertising. Simple feeds to keep you informed when you want.

Private Friends' Feed

Local Feed

Global Feed

Discover AppZaloot

Watch the video’s below to learn all about AppZaloot, its features and how you can use the app in your community. The first video will give you an overview of AppZaloot and the second one is a Tutorial about how to use our App. We recommend watching both.

AppZaloot Feature list

  • Lite Version
  • Version 1
Our Features Lite VersionVersion 1
Our Features
Out now
Coming Soon
Local community feed
Have discussions with the locals in your area no matter where you are
Friends Feed
Get dedicated friend updates without annoying advertising or suggested posts
Find and follow Friends
See nearby friends on the map or add them via your phone book or other social media provider.
Dedicated local advertising feed
Find local deals and offers in your area from businesses you might not know exist!
No forced advertising
No forced advertising in your normal feeds.
Location based emergency alerts
Get location specific alerts from emergency organisations wherever you are in the world
Ongoing referral rewards
Refer as many friends as you can, with benefits for each referral you make.
Custom search radius
Choose how far away your search criteria will work. From 500m out to several km/miles from you
Feedback encouraged
We are continually building and making this app better. So if you have feedback please send it to us!
Customisable map layers
Choose what you want to see on your map. Shops, fuel, events, friends and more
Group chat
Join or create your own groups to share or chat however you want
World/Influencer feed
Get the latest updates from your favorite celebrities without clogging up your friends updates
Follow celebrities/Influencers
Find and follow your favorite celebrities
Loyalty Rewards Program
A powerful cash back rewards system to reward you for shopping with our partners
So many more features
A huge range of new and exciting features to be announced soon
Emergency screen ph view

Emergency alerts & announcements

Using your phones GPS, you will get localised alerts to situations occurring around you, no matter where you are in the world.

No more pointless notifications for somewhere that you’re not! 

Dedicated advertising feed

Only go whenyouwant to know

Merchants advertise to local users nearby across a variety of categories.

Users choose when they look at advertising via the dedicated advertising feed.

No more clogged feeds.

No more pointless or irrelevant ads.

No more forced advertising!


Travel a lot? You can find last minute hotel deals everywhere you go


Find deals for live music, community and special events.

Local Services

Great for finding weekly specials from businesses in your local area

advertising screen ph

Restaurants & Cafes

Find specials for your local favourites or discover somewhere new.


Hire available local tradies in your area and help support local business


Need new treads, for your car or you? Check out the current shopping offers by category and search function

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